Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Crystal Maze To Return To Television With David Tennant As Host

he Crystal Maze is to return to our television screens this autumn after 21 years off air. The problem-solving game show, which ran from 1990 to 1995, is returning to Channel 4 in October with the former Doctor Who actor David Tennant reportedly lined up to follow the footsteps of Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole as the host. The classic game show will form part of Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer night, with celebrities as the contestants.

"Even two decades after it last aired, there are very few shows that have been as magical and action-packed as The Crystal Maze. It is still remembered extremely fondly today," a source told The Sun. "Channel 4 are hoping to tap into that nostalgia and believe viewers will jump at the chance to finally take on the show’s adventurous challenges themselves."

Thursday, 24 March 2016

A New Doctor Who Companion Has Been Cast

Speaking to Brazilian website Omelete, Peter Capaldi stated that the BBC has cast a new companion for the Doctor, and we will know who it is very soon. Capaldi says that this companion will most definitely not be another Clara:

Clara had prior knowledge of the Doctor. (She) was conceived as a human connected to your timeline, and so had access to the cosmic nature of the Doctor. She understood a little about how he was. And as she was already with Matt (Smith), she knew the Daleks and the TARDIS. Now we have someone who knows very little about the Doctor.

 Capaldi says that he has met the new companion, but that is all the info we have for now. It’s not like he’ll get much time with his new companion anyhow – Capaldi will be leaving the show in the not too distant future.