Tuesday 2 November 2021

Creatures Of The Antizone


The Antizone was a bleak, scary place, full of strange, deadly creatures. 

 Home Planet: Unknown 

Fact: Darkness dwellers 

First Appearance: It Takes You Away 

It landed here way back in the 9th century. After a long, deadly battle, The Dalek was defeated. It’s casing was destroyed; the creature inside was cut into three pieces so it could never reform. Two were successfully transported away and guarded by the order of the custodians. But one piece was left behind. It stayed in Sheffield, where it was found 12 centuries later and was accidentally woken up. You would think a squiddy thing like that couldn’t get far. But turns out it could hitch a ride on humans. It built it’s own casing from spare parts and bits of it’s original outer shell. 


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