Sunday, 16 July 2017

13th Doctor Is A Woman!

Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord - the first woman to get the role.
She was revealed in a Doctor Who trailer that was broadcast on BBC One at the end of the Wimbledon men's singles final.
The Broadchurch star succeeds Peter Capaldi, who took the role in 2013 and leaves in this year's Christmas special.
Whittaker, 35, will make her debut on the sci-fi show this Christmas.
The Huddersfield-born star had become a late favourite to become the Doctor.
There will be a familiar face for her on set - Doctor Who's new showrunner is Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall.
She said: "I'm beyond excited to begin this epic journey - with Chris and with every Whovian on this planet.
"It's more than an honour to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can't wait."

Friday, 30 June 2017

Eater Of Light

The Eaters of Light were extra-dimensional creatures described by the Twelfth Doctor as light-eating locusts, as they sought to enter dimensions with light on which they could feed. They lived in swarms of millions, and could potentially consume all the stars in the universe.
 An Eater of Light resembled a large reptilian quadruped with a frilled neck and luminescent blue stripes. They fed on light and thus became weaker at night. They could also attack individuals directly by using long tentacles to pull them to their mouths; such victims were afflicted with the equivalent effect of being totally deprived of sunlight for decades, causing their bodies to degenerate. A glancing blow from the tentacles would leave a black slime that would render the victim unconscious, unless it were burnt off by exposure to sunlight. Eaters of Light were attracted to sound. They were incredibly resistant to physical damage, but could be harmed by exposure to light that had passed through a material with optical cancellation properties.
 The Picts knew of an inter-dimensional temporal rift in Aberdeen that could allow the Eaters of Light to enter Earth, albeit only one at a time. They built a cairn around it and had a "Keeper of the Gate" periodically open the portal to prevent it from widening. Whilst the portal was open, a single warrior would enter and fight the creatures back. As time passed much more slowly in the creatures' dimension, a few minutes of battle there equated to six or seven decades of peace outside.

In the 2nd century, the Roman Ninth Legion invaded the area. The Gatekeeper at the time, Kar, allowed a single Eater of Light to pass through the portal; she thought it would destroy the legion, and become so weakened in the process that it would be easy to defeat. Instead, the creature became stronger after feeding on the Romans and began to darken the sky, threatening the world. The Twelfth Doctor, along with his companions Bill Potts and Nardole, worked with the Picts and the few surviving Romans to drive the Eater of Light back into the portal. Kar, along with several Picts and the Romans, then entered the portal to fight off the creatures.

Monday, 29 May 2017

The Monks

The Monks used a virtual simulation of life on Earth in order to plan an invasion. Virtual constructs included simulations of the Twelfth Doctor, Nardole and Bill Potts.

The Monks' appearance was that of a corpse-like humanoid. They had greyish blue skin, pointed ears and long fingers. They typically wore robes and hoods with various shades of red, hence their name.
They spoke with a snarling, whispering voice. Their mouths did not move in sync with their voices.

The Monks had extremely advanced technology. One of their notable achievements was a computer simulation of the entire planet Earth in which they ran scenarios and practiced and perfected their invasion strategy, and also in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of humanity. However, their simulation was too perfect. The simulations of real people that were part of the program were capable of gaining sentience. Once they realised the truth that they were nothing more than a program, they would choose to kill themselves rather than be constantly used and abused by the Monks. (Extremis)

Sunday, 28 May 2017


A smartsuit was a kind of space suit that provided oxygen in space by creating a force field around the wearer's head. It also provided a compact helmet to protect the wearer when in space.
At least by the series 12 version the suit had an AI that was programmed to deactivate the organic components — i.e. the wearer. Nardole recognised the interface as his ex, Velma which could be deactivated so long as the suit wasn't damaged.

They were programmed so provide air in terms of credits, the more credits one had the more breath they had. The default set of breaths appeared to range between 2500 to 3000. As Nardole confirmed, the more one breathed, if panicking for instance, the quicker they'd die. (Oxygen)

Saturday, 27 May 2017


Lice, or "Dryads" - as coined by the Twelfth Doctor, were insect-like creatures which lived in wood and fed on humans. They lived in a house owned by the Landlord after he found three individuals outside, which had some healing properties that saved Eliza, however turning her partially into wood. In order to properly heal someone however, they had to be regularly fed people, so the Landlord decided to make the house cheap to lure people into buying it. He'd also use a tuning fork to call them to the area where the inhabitants were. In the end, Eliza controlled all the Dryads into eating her and her son in order to stop the killing that was keeping her alive, and as a result all the Dryads left.

Dryads bore a great resemblance to cockroaches. They had a chitinous hide, were a little bigger and had a brownish red color. They also had biolumenescent antennae on their heads.
They were extremely sensitive to high-pitched sounds and vibrations. This is how each Dryad communicated with each other. They could be controlled and tamed using music or a tuning fork, as demonstrated by the Landlord.

The Dryads were carnivorous and fed on prey, mostly humans, who they ensnared with the wood they inhabited. They would then swarm over the target and devour them in seconds.

The Dryads were intelligent insectoids and could sense when people were sick, such as Eliza. They would also cleverly ambush their prey unexpectedly and devour them. They could however be tamed and kept docile with high-pitched sounds like a tuning fork. Eliza also managed to control them mentally due to her mutation.

The Dryads had incredible healing abilities and could preserve a person indefinitely by transmuting their body into a substance with the same color and texture as wood. They would however have to be fed in order to maintain this preserved state or the person would revert to their original state and die.
The Dryads' natural habitat was the element of wood which an entire swarm could inhabit. They could also exert fine control over the wood they inhabited and animate it at a molecular level. They could effortlessly emerge or dive into the wood and animate any wooden object such as doors, shutters and trees. They would typically use it to ensnare their prey and then cause the wood to immobilise them or seemingly absorb them. They attacked their prey by swarming all over their body before breaking them down at a cellular level, effectively disintegrating the quarry. They could however just as easily reconstitute the body of a person they had disintegrated, fully restoring them to life. ( Knock Knock)

Friday, 26 May 2017


Eliza was the mother of John, the landlord.

In 1947, she was terminally ill and the doctors had given up on her. However, her son brought her what he thought were insects from the garden to try to cheer her up. They were in fact space termites. Once she was left alone that night, the sound from her music box awakened them and they began transmuting her body into wood in order to preserve her before she died.

When her son discovered the space termites' abilities, he tamed them and for the next seventy years would lure young people looking for accommodation to their house. The termites would then proceed to absorb the victims and transfer their life energies into Eliza to prolong her life. As he got older, John also told her that he was her father in order to prevent her from objecting to such an obscene decision, as the elongated life in isolation stunted her memory.
In 2017, Bill Potts and a few other classmates looking for student accommodation were invited by John into their house. Once the Twelfth Doctor, who was helping Bill move in, deduced something was amiss, the house proceeded to absorb Pavel, Paul and all the other students except for Bill and the Doctor, the latter of whom John had spared in the hope he could find a better solution to save Eliza.
Bill found Eliza first and witnessed a horrific display of the preservation process when the termites absorbed her friend. Eliza expressed regret over it but claimed she had no choice. John then arrived with the Doctor who offered his help.
 After he pieced together what was happening, Eliza remembered the Landlord was in fact her now aged son John and was utterly horrified by all the people he had killed just so she could live. John, angered the pair had revealed his identity, proceeded to summon the termites to kill the Doctor and Bill. Eliza managed to use her connection to them to make them disperse. She then hugged her son and caused the termites to devour them in order to put an end to the madness. As her last act, she also had the space termites restore Bill's friends as she had never fed on their life energies, thus saving them. The termites then caused the entire house to disintegrate.

Eliza was a kind and compassionate young woman. Though the preservation made her slightly naive and believe that the Landlord was her father rather than her son, she eventually remembered and was horrified and disgusted by the lengths he had gone to just to keep her alive.
She had also grown immensely lonely during the seventy years of her preserved state. This was a deciding factor in her decision to kill herself and her son as she reasoned that life was not worth living if she was isolated and locked away from the rest of the world. (Knock Knock)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Thames Ice Snake

Underneath the Thames, chained to the banks of the river, is an ancient creature of unknown origin. Alien or not, this giant sea snake has been responsible for the freezing of the Thames at regular intervals – none less so than during the last great Frost Fair of 1814!
Imprisoned by the ancestors of Lord Sutcliffe (since their discovery that the animal’s dung could be used as a superheating biofuel) the creature has a symbiotic relationship with a number of glow-fish in the river, which attract food and melt the ice to bring unsuspecting humans down into the water to allow the snake to feed. When the Doctor and Bill discover the creature, they become anxious to alleviate its suffering and find a way to free it… even if it means making a powerful enemy in the guise of Lord Sutcliffe.

The Doctor tricks the iniquitous industrialist by using his explosives to break the ‘Ice Snake’s’ chains, in the process preventing the death of the Frost Fair attendees (evacuated by Bill and the urchins), but as the ice breaks up, Sutcliffe is killed. With the creature freed, 1814 is the final Frost Fair on the Thames.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


The Emojibots or emoticon robots were humanoid robots that served as an interface to the microbots known as the Vardy. As Bill remarked, they spoke Emoji — one form of language which lasted in human culture long into Bill's relative future.
The Emojibots as well as the Vardy were made to keep all of the colonists happy at all times. When a woman died of natural causes, her family and friends began to grieve. The Vardy read grief as an enemy of happiness and as a result killed anyone experiencing it. Eventually, all of the colonists who were awake at the time were killed, their skeletons used as fertiliser.

The Twelfth Doctor and Bill were handed mood badges so that it was able to keep track of what their emotional status was. It was able to read when Bill was hungry and fed her jelly. When they found out that the colonists were murdered, the Emojibots read that they were upset so began chasing them and surrounding them in order to kill them. The Doctor found out that by smiling and becoming happy the Emojibots would let you go.
When the remaining colonists woke up, the Doctor explained that the few colonists awake before were murdered, but before listening to him completely they took up arms in order to fight the Emojibots. Praiseworthy had stumbled across the robots but expressed grief for his mother, causing the Emojibots to grip him in order to murder him. Steadfast shot one of the two, causing an angry response to which it summoned Vardy to kill the colonists. The Doctor realised that the Emojibots were a lifeform, so wiped its memories of the events that had occurred. This meant that the Emojibots thought Gliese 581 D belonged to them. The Doctor started a negotiation between the humans and the Emojibots in order to try and allow the humans to live with them.

Sentient Oil

A puddle of sentient oil was left behind by a spaceship that had previously landed in Bristol. The oil was able to mimic other beings, survive a blast from a Dalek gun, target passengers and follow them across time and space.
Heather had previously come across the puddle around St Luke's University, noticing something strange about her reflection. She took Bill with her to show her the puddle, and Bill knew something was different but couldn't tell what.
Bill told the Twelfth Doctor about the puddle, and before she could finish explaining, the Doctor had already begun to run to the site. The Doctor quickly discovered what was off about the reflection, which was that it wasn't reversed horizontally like a mirror should be. The Doctor also noticed scorch marks in a circular pattern surrounding the puddle, but claimed he was bored to lead Bill away. As they left, the oil started creeping away from its spot. Bill later saw the oil in her bathroom, now taking the form of Heather.
Bill ran to St Luke's only to find the oil there again, repeating everything Bill was saying to her. Bill ran into the Doctor's office and shut the door behind her, locking it in place with a chair. The puddle managed to flow underneath the door and reappear as Heather again. The Doctor led Bill into the TARDIS and travelled to the vault. After realising that the oil was after them and not the vault, they ran back to the TARDIS and landed in Sydney, where the oil appeared as well.

 Determined to find the limitations of the oil, the Doctor travelled 23 million years into the future onto another planet. The oil followed them through time and space to this planet as well. The Doctor and Bill went back into the TARDIS and landed in the middle of a Dalek-Movellan War to get a Dalek to exterminate the oil. 

A Dalek shot the oil but it easily survived the attack, repeating the Dalek's "exterminate" phrase whilst doing so. The Doctor and Heather were trapped by a Dalek but it was revealed to be the oil having taken the form of a Dalek, although with Heather's star eye. It transformed again into Heather. The Doctor realised that the oil didn't want to kill, but wanted Bill to travel with it. Bill remembered that she asked Heather to promise that she wouldn't leave her, so this was the last thought Heather had before being eaten by the oil. Bill told the oil to let her go, the oil resumed its puddle form and remained at the war zone.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Original Mondasian Cybermen Return To Doctor Who!

The original Mondasian Cybermen return to Doctor Who as filming begins on the final block of the forthcoming series…
Filming has begun on the final two episodes of Doctor Who series 10, with this first look image revealing the return of a much-feared classic foe.
The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is pictured with the Mondasian Cybermen – the original version of the Doctor’s deadly enemies who hail from the planet Mondas and have not been seen in Doctor Who for over fifty years.
The Mondasian Cybermen - Peter Capaldi’s long-time favourite foe - will return in episodes 11 and 12 of the series, alongside Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, Matt Lucas as Nardole and Michelle Gomez as Missy. The episodes, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay, are now filming in Cardiff.
The new series of Doctor Who begins on BBC One on Saturday 15 April

Monday, 20 February 2017

Odds Makers Favor Tilda Swinton as the Next Doctor

We all know that there is a new Doctor Who coming since Peter Capaldi is departing, but the big question is who will it be? We all have our own dream casting choices for the role, but who do the odds makers prefer? That would be 56-year-old BAFTA winner Tilda Swinton.
Her odds have improved from 10/1 to the frontrunner at 7/2, according to Ladbrokes. Clearly many people think that the new Doctor will be female, and if that is true she would be absolutely perfect for the role. Speculation will continue until we get some kind of official word, but clearly fans are favoring Swinton.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Doctor Who St John Ambulance 20oz Mug

Sir John Hurt, of Alien, Doctor Who and The Elephant Man, Dies at 77

Sir John Hurt, the prolific Oscar-nominated actor, died at the age of 77 on Friday. Hurt was a mainstay character actor in genre entertainment, appearing in dozens of SFF films and TV shows, while also receiving acclaim for roles in The Elephant Man, Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy, and Midnight Express.
With more than 200 credits to his name and a career spanning over 50 years, Hurt has appeared in so many projects that it’s difficult to narrow it down to his most famous or most memorable. As Officer Kane in Alien, he was the victim of the infamous “chestburster” scene, which we’ve all seen memed and replayed across the ages. (That role also earned him a BAFTA nomination.) He played Mr. Ollivander in three Harry Potter films; he played the War Doctor on Doctor Who; he voiced Aragorn in the animated Lord of the Rings, the Horned King in The Black Cauldron, and the Great Dragon in the TV series Merlin. He played Gilliam in Snowpiercer, a vampire Christopher Marlowe in Only Lovers Left Alive, and Winston Smith in Michael Radford’s film adaptation of 1984. These are just some of his credits.

Friday, 6 January 2017


When 8 year old Grant rescues a man called the Doctor from falling outside his bedroom window, he finds himself on the roof of his apartment building a fantastical machine on Christmas Eve. But after he accidentally swallows a gemstone known as the Hazandra – ‘the Ghost of Love and Wishes’, the intuitive crystal bonds with Grant’s DNA and gives him what he has always wanted – the power to be a superhero! Although the Doctor makes Grant promise that he will never use these new powers, it isn’t long before another chance encounter suggests otherwise. During an investigation into a scientific institute in New York - ‘Harmony Shoal’ - the Doctor, Nardole and journalist Lucy Fletcher are held at gunpoint when a superhero literally swoops in to save the day. The Ghost! And of course, it doesn’t take the Doctor long to realise that the man beneath the mask and suit is Grant.

With the crystal inside him, Grant has super strength, hearing, x-ray vision and the ability to fly. But the only power he really wants is for Lucy to stop fantasising about his alter ego, The Ghost, and to start noticing him instead. In a way, Grant is competing for Lucy’s affections…with himself. So actually it’s VERY complicated.


Nardole is introduced in the 2015 Christmas special "The Husbands of River Song". He was hired by Professor River Song as a servant on Mendorax Dellora on Christmas Day 5343. He unwittingly brought the Doctor and River back together, mistaking the Doctor for a surgeon River had requested to extract a diamond from the head of the ruthless King Hydroflax. During the episode Nardole had his head cut off, but he managed to survive because it was uploaded to King Hydroflax' cyborg body.

In the 2016 Christmas special "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" Nardole appeared as the Doctor's companion. Once his final night with River Song had concluded, the Doctor was somehow able to reattach Nardole's head to his body, Nardole joining the Doctor as a companion so that the grieving Time Lord would have someone to stop him going too far over his grief at his final parting with River.