Saturday 3 November 2018

Companions: Yasmin Khan (Yaz) - Mandip Gill

Yasmin Khan

Yaz is a 19-year-old Sheffielder, friendly and self-assured, a quick logical thinker and a natural leader – the perfect person to have around in a crisis!
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The Woman Who Fell To Earth
She hasn’t seen Ryan since they attended primary school together, but is pleased to meet him again when he finds a strange, alien-looking object in the woods…
Every day is a learning day!”
Yaz loves her job working as a probationary police officer, but wants to take on bigger challenges, solve trickier problems and experience more – not because she finds life boring, but because she loves adventure and the thrill of the new.
And what could be more thrilling than meeting a Time Lord, saving Sheffield from an alien threat, then shooting off into deep space?
Yaz is fearless and hands-on, ready to assist the Doctor with anything – no matter how extraordinary the situation!

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