Saturday 3 November 2018

Companions: Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole)

Ryan Sinclair

Ryan is 19 years old, born and bred in Sheffield, who works in a warehouse while studying to become a mechanic. He likes video games and is great with technology, as well as being a social media expert!
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The Woman Who Fell To Earth
Ryan has been raised by his nan, Grace. He’s very close to her and trusts her more than anyone, but he’s still getting used to her relatively new husband, Graham (who he’s not sure about calling ‘Grandad’ just yet).
‘Access revoked! By me! As of now!’
Ryan is dyspraxic, which means he sometimes finds physical co-ordination tricky. This can be quite frustrating on adventures with the Doctor, when he might need to climb a ladder quickly or sprint across a rooftop to escape a dangerous alien!
When he meets the Doctor, Ryan is at first a bit apprehensive of running towards danger… but his curiosity and energy always win out over fear.

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