Wednesday, 29 July 2009

David Tennant May Return As Doctor Who

He hasn't even left yet, but it seems David Tennant is already pining for the Tardis - he's talking about coming back as Doctor Who.

The actor, 38, will bow out at the end of the year to be replaced by Matt Smith.

But asked if he might ever return, he replied: "No one knows. But, 2013 is the show's 50th anniversary, isn't it? "But that's not an announcement. Don't twitter that."

Tennant was speaking at an arts and comic book convention in San Diego.


  1. The BBC had better celebrate the 50th Anniversary with a lot of Gutso.... or else.

  2. Gavin, you're right - be nice if they re-ran every single (unscrapped) episode.

    Wonder if a guest appearance from William Hartnell is too much to ask?