Saturday, 22 January 2011

David Tennant is to be a daddy

The tenth Time Lord's partner Georgia Moffett, daughter of fifth Doctor Peter Davison, is due to give birth in the spring.David, 39, and actress Georgia, 26, who made a brief appearance in the series in 2008, have kept the pregnancy secret from all but those closest to them.


  1. And a thousand fangirls hearts broke at the thought that it would not be them who would have his babies... LOL

    I like how this poor child is tagged as a jelly baby!


  2. Sassy, there is still time to kidnap him before the baby arrives muhahaha!

    Trust Gary to think of jelly baby.

  3. What, isn't it going to be a Jelly Baby then?
    Let's just hope it doesn't walk around with a gas mask on asking if your it's Mummy!