Friday, 29 April 2011

'Doctor Who' smashes BBC America's ratings record

Doctor Who smashed all ratings records for BBC America last week, being watched by almost 1.3 million viewers. The current series of the BBC's sci-fi drama has been given a massive push to establish it in the US, with the opening two episodes set and partially shot in Utah, with a massive promotional blitz in the country.



  1. I'm in the Northeast US, and I've been watching Dr Who since the Baker years. It used to be available on PBS (a local public service company.) Now, I have a cable package that I got specifically just to have BBC America and thus my Dr. Who. Sadly, I can't say that I see any any promotional pushing, outside of BBC commercials. I've got my whole family watching (including the youngest generation,) but I'd love to see more American Dr. lovers!

  2. Anon, there has to be more of you! :-)

  3. Maybe we should start listing fan bases