Friday, 24 June 2011

Arthur Darvill goes from Doctor Who to Doctor Faustus

Arthur Darvill, best known as Rory in Doctor Who, talks about secrecy on the show, his new stage role at Shakespeare's Globe and why he spent his childhood surrounded by puppets. For Arthur Darvill, last Saturday's mid-season climax of Doctor Who came as something of a relief.It means he can finally talk about the big revelation that Tardis companions Rory and Amy Pond are the parents of the enigmatic River Song, played by Alex Kingston.

"I forget what I can and can't talk about, so I end up talking about nothing for hours - which has become quite a skill," laughs Darvill when we meet two days later at the Globe theatre on London's South Bank.

“My mum sent me a text straight after the episode saying: 'Does this mean I'm Alex Kingston's grandmother?'”


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