Monday, 29 August 2011

He's a superstar, dates a supermodel...

'Don't tell me the dads at home watch Dr Who and see his assistant being beautiful and sexy and don't clap their hands': Matt Smith on stunning companions

'People really do love the Doctor,’ says Matt Smith.
‘They like seeing this mad dude turn up and save the day, using pencils, a lampshade or whatever it may be. This baffled man, quite bafflingly, saving the world.’ He uses that word a lot – but it was the fans who were baffled two years ago, when, as a young, virtually unknown actor, he was hired to take over from the hugely popular David Tennant as the star of Doctor Who. It’s the biggest show on TV – but more than that, the Doctor has become a modern British folk hero. ‘He’s like Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes, an enduring character in a fairy tale you can just keep reinventing,’ says Smith, the 11th man to play the Time Lord – and the youngest, at just 26 when he was cast.

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