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Steven Moffat Reveals 'Doctor Who's' Upcoming Regeneration May Not Be His Last



  1. Every time I watch this scene it makes me cry.

  2. Often confused why people can't count. If the Doctor can regen 12 times, then that means he can have 13 different looks.

    Count the number of images above. There are 12 men, that means he's only regen'd 11 times.

    Do the math folks.

    1. Here's a list to help:
      Hartnell (1st Doctor)
      Troughton (2nd Doctor)
      Pertwee (3rd Doctor)
      Baker I (4th Doctor)
      Davison (5th Doctor)
      Baker II (6th Doctor)
      McCoy (7th Doctor)
      McGann (8th Doctor)
      Hurt (9th Incarnation - Broken Title)
      Eccleston (10th Incarnation/9th Doctor)
      Tennant (11th Incarnation/10th Doctor)
      Smith (12th Incarnation/11th Doctor)
      Capaldi (13th Incarnation/12th Doctor)

    2. It is my understanding that the Valeyard will be a separate character, much like the Meta Crisis Doctor.

  3. Probably because the "image above" doesn't include Capaldi?

    Capaldi will be the 13th actor to play the Doctor, and on the surface that means 12 completed regenerations.

  4. Don't forget the regeneration David Tennant used but kept the same form. Peter Capaldi will the the 12th actor playing the doctor, but it will also be his 12th regeneration

  5. Actually, since we don't know who Hurt's Doctor is - we can't really count him in the total number of Regenerations. He could turn ot to just be an older version of the 8th Doctor - in which case the number of Regenerations stands at 10 - we still have 2 left - 1 after this Christmas.

    If Hurt turns out to be a previously unseen itteration of The Doctor (which I hope he isn't)- then there are 11 Regenerations and the one at Christmas is it! We get Capaldi for the next 50 years ;-)

  6. Do people forget the re-generations River gave to him?
    |They were never explained fully, maybe moffat is referring to that? And she actually gave him full re-generations.

  7. Lets bare in mind the fact that river song gave him a heck of a lot of regenerative power,plus somewhere in classic who he was given unlimited regeneration power so he can probably regenerate a heck of a lot more times that 12.

    That,or,if the 12 generations represents the analogue clock as in 1hr 2hr 3hr 4hr ect then he could just go digital and have 24 regenerations as there are 24 hours in the day.

  8. Ok.first of all river did not give him her regenrations,she "used them all in one go" means more

    and the truth is the 12 regenerations is not sth biological its time lord law so dont get your panties in a bunch,we still got more doctors to come,seeing as every different doctor has this one thing in common=>no respect for the law :D

  9. Yes - the "River Regeration Conundrum" raises its head once again.

    She did not add to the Doctor's Regeneration count when she healed him after poisoning him. She merely used all of her regeneration energy to heal him and get him back to normal.

    I guess you could argue that he gave some back to her to heal her wrist in New York - but for all intents and purposes she had 2 Regenerations (that we know of) before becoming the River we came to know and that's all she has/had.

    Anyway - I a sure they will figure out some way to get past the 12 Regeneration limit - who knows - it may come up in the Anniversary special - or at Christmas - or never.

  10. Blah, Blah, Blah!
    Everyone keeps on about how many regenerations The Doctor has had. Nobody is looking at the herd of water buffaloes in the room.

    1.Hurt, 10, and 11 will need to break the Timelock on the Time War in the Christmas Special.

    2.Why have a book detailing the Time War with his name in it so prominently displayed in the TARDIS "library" for Clara to find?

    3.Why was Clara able to see and hear River if River was dead, unless they have a bond of some kind. Something beyond the "psychic link" Vastra helped create?

    4.On more than one occasion The Doctor has hinted that Timelords are almost "immortal" and able to live forever "barring an accident". Plus gallifrey has technology to restart the cycle of regenerations.

    5.Who was the mystery woman who appeared to Wilfred Mott and was against Rasillon on Gallifrey? She was never named, though some have said she was the mother of The Doctor, or else Romana. What if she was Susan, The Doctor's grand-daughter? And what if she teams with The Master to change Time?

    6.How did Doriam know so much about the future of The Doctor? If his grave on Trenzalore was a secret, why did Doriam talk about like it was historical fact?

    The Doctor has many more Regenerations to come. He will not die after Capaldi. And River will return in Series 8, it has already been mentioned.

    The real question is what is the real connection between Clara and River? Her daughter? An early regeneration? Did River escape the CAL computer matrix?

    Riddles and mysteries. Mysteries and riddles.

  11. Don't forget that 2 and 3 are the same regeneration. #2 was sent back to Earth as punishment from the Time Lords, and they changed his appearance before they sent him back. He didn't regenerate into #3.

    Time Lords can change their appearance whenever they want. That's how they explained away Mary Tamm, who played Ramona. When she left the show in '79, they kept the Time lady Ramona character, but switched actresses to Lalla Ward.

  12. Yeah...but river gave the doctor her regenerations...rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

  13. People!!! Did everyone forget that River Song used all of her regenerations to heal 11. Stands to reason that the Doctor would gain more opportunities to regenerate!!!

  14. Excellent point made about possibly being an older 8th and not a new doctor. That is a very serious suggestion and if correct means there is in fact only 11 regenerations.

    But then comes the OTHER excellent point made by unfortunately an Anonymous poster, David Tennants doctor regenerated. He actually regenerated, he even said "I'm regenerating" and started to regenerated. He used up a regeneration but moved the energy into his spare hand, which Donna then set free to create the Metacrisis doctor. adding to make the 12 regenerations.

    And then the last point made by Jason, 2 and 3 are the same regeneration, if that doesn't count then we take another step back again to 11 regenerations.

    I think they do this to keep us all on our toes, to keep us guessing and to let us really enjoy the answers when they are finally revealed.

    The River Conundrum is as simple as stated, she USED all her remaining regenerations to heal him, NOT passing them all TO him. No more needs to be said about that. The Doctor used some regeneration energy to heal her broken hand yes, but thats going to take A LOT less than curing someone from an incurable poison.

    I'm excited to see how John Hurt fits in to all this and how they will get around the 12 regeneration limit.

    Soem good points made with the questions too by Redoak and hope they all get answered. But the one about his secret, his secret is still in tact, It was his grave that was discovered. His grave was never a secret. "He has a secret he will take to the grave. And it is discovered." The grave has been discovered, his secret has not.

  15. @redoak
    3. Clara could still see River BECAUSE of the pschic link that Vastra created.

    5. The producers confirmed, quite a while ago, that the mysterious woman was The Doctor's mother.

    6. Doriam never said anything about Trenzalore being The Doctor's grave, only that The Doctor must never go there. This was a "prophecy" spread around by The Headless Monks and The Silence.

    And there is no apparent connection between Clara and River.

    As for regenerations, in the final season(s) of the original series, it was heavily implied that The Doctor had a great secret, and that he was "more than just a Time Lord". (Referred to as The Doctor is God theory) The series was cancelled before this plot point could see fruition, so the writers now could easily take advantage of this, and give The Doctor unlimited regenerations.

    Here's the question I would like answered: Who gave Clara the Tardis' phone number?
    It wasn't River because Clara didn't recognize her when they did meet. Was it Amy? Or Donna? Or Rose, as a tie-in for the 50th?
    Clara said the woman in the shop gave her the number. How did the woman know to give it to her? None of the characters even knew what Clara looked like until the Christmas special.

  16. It is entirely possible that River gave extra regeneration to the doctor, she still had at least to regenerations left, so she could have easily used 1 and gave him the rest, meaning he now has 11 more regenerations, not counting the upcoming one at christmas or john hurts. Also, when the fourth doctor merged with the doctor, it may have not actually counted as a regeneration, so that would put him at 12 more regenerations

    1. As has been stated several times: River used her remaining regeneration energy to heal the Doctor (basically keeping him alive until the poison ran its course) she did NOT give him her extra regenerations.

  17. You're all missing the simple fact, that this is Moff's Multi-verse.
    Hitting the reset button is is f'king specialty. If the doctor can be completely removed from the universe, and then brought back into it by Amy Pond's innability to accept that he never existed; What makes you think the doctor would be limited to 13 "so called, Regenerations?"

  18. for all u whovians when galifey died doctor who absorbed all the other time lords regeneration energy which gives him unlimited lifes

    1. That is proposterous, improbable, and highly non-canon...

      And given the quality of the writing these last few seasons, it is probably be what will happen....

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  20. did u all knw tht peter crushing played doctor who hes not mentioned in ur list i see
    the movie was called dr who and the darleks it was put out by republic pictures and aaru producitons ltd in 1965 i hve a copy but it would be nice to give him some credit too he was awesome in this movie

  21. What if when River gave up all of her regenerative capabilities for the doctor, she gave him her power because she also disabled his power to regenerate, and re-opening it possibly took her regenerative capabilities, because it is basically energy from a time lord, but its still energy, it has to go somewhere, it can't just disappear

  22. Okie, as simple as it gets:

    The River/Regeneration argument: Invalid.

    1. Time Lords are masters at manipulating energy in almost any form. Time energy manipulation was their greatest triumph. The Daleks figured out how to use the same energy for fuel, and the Weeping Angels feed on it, but Galifrey mastered it. The Doctor himself has bodily manipulated several types of radiation energy, and has even been able to transfer energy at will to another person. The Master's failed resurrection is an even better example of this. In his unstable form, he didn't have full control over his energy manipulation, and it turned into raw power. It was like cutting the end from a gas hose, and lighting the end. Controlled chaos.

    2. If the Doctor would have simply needed to regenerate to heal from River's poison, he would have. The poison was for him specifically. It took all the regeneration energy River had to heal him from it, because just 1 release of regeneration energy wouldn't do it.

    3. This means that it never added to his regeneration count. It was used up healing him from the poison.

    4. The regeneration limit was Time Lord law, and not a physical limitation. As others have said, look at the Romana regeneration episode where they changed acresses. She regenerated several times to alter her appearance. Again, it's an example of a Time Lord's ability to manipulate energy.

  23. Hi folks, can I ask where you were referred from? Our readers have dramatically increaased in the last few weeks. Thanks!!

  24. Watching Amy Pond season 5 again. In it the doctor when asked by Amy about the time lords says "There were others but it was a bad DAY. And now there is just me." The John Hurt doctor could have been the doctor on that ONE day.

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