Thursday, 1 October 2009

Doctor Who star Tennant beats Obama as pupils' dream head teacher

Doctor Who actor David Tennant has piped US President Barack Obama after being voted children's "dream" head teacher in a poll.

A quarter of kids, between the age bracket of nine to 11, believed that the former Time Lord would fit the bill of a good head teacher because he appears intelligent and fun, in the survey by the National College for the Leadership of Schools and Children's Services.

Steve Munby, the National College chief executive, said that head teachers and celebrities stood as role models for the youngsters.

"David Tennant strikes a chord with children because he is intelligent, a strong leader and a skilled communicator. He's also popular and fun which are both appealing characteristics," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"Being a head is a tough and extremely rewarding job but you don't need to be a Time Lord to make a difference to children's lives. Head teachers are role models in their own right," he added.

Dream head teachers:

1. David Tennant

2. Barack Obama

3. JK Rowling

4. Cheryl Cole

5. David Beckham

6. Will Smith

7. Michelle Obama

8. Alan Sugar

9. Lewis Hamilton

10. Alan Shearer


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