Friday, 2 October 2009

Tom Baker Launches Official Website

Tom Baker, the longest serving Doctor in Doctor Who, has launched an official website.

The launch coincides with the famous actors long awaited return to Doctor Who with the new BBC audio drama Doctor Who: Hornet’s Nest.

Check it out at



  1. You're the best, Tom. My family and I watched you on PBS in Boston, MA circa 1978-1981. My favorite line was when you asked one of the two robots "Which way would the other guy tell me to go?" and you went the other way. How can we get the complete 42 disc set on DVD?

  2. figment3d, I buy them as I go along, couldn't afford to buy them in one go. I've only just finished watching the William Hartnell years.

    UK Amazon or Ebay might be your best bet. Or there's always naughty downloading :-)