Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oswin Oswald

Oswin Oswald was a human serving as a Junior Entertainment Manager onboard the starliner Alaska when it crashed into the Dalek Asylum.

At one point in her life, Oswin was going through a phase, during which she dated a girl named Nina, or at least fancied her. She later lied to anyone she mentioned this to, saying she fancied a boy named Rory, although she did tell Rory William's the truth. When the Alaska crashed on the Dalek Asylum planet, Oswin escaped down a shaft into the lower levels of the Asylum, where she was found by the Dalek inmates. Unlike other members of the Alaska, who were partially converted by the nanocloud into Dalek puppets, Oswin was fully converted into a Dalek by the Dalek inmates, due to her exceptionally high intelligence, something they valued over exterminating her. Due to the horror of what had happened to her, Oswin created a dream world for her human mind to dwell in to forget the truth. Under this life, Oswin assumed that she was surviving on souffl├ęs in the Alaska. She also hacked into the Dalek Asylum's systems, heavily damaging it and reducing it to a ruin.

A year later, Oswin aided the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams in finding safe passage through the Dalek Asylum; wiping the memory of the Doctor from the Daleks' Pathweb at one point to save him from the Daleks in Intensive Care. The Doctor attempted to rescue her, until he found her and discovered she was a Dalek. The Doctor explained this to Oswin, who first nearly gave in to the Dalek conditioning by attempting to exterminate the Doctor, then broke down over what she had become. Oswin lowered the Asylum's defences so the Parliament of the Daleks could destroy the planet and asked the Doctor to remember her. She presumably died when the Daleks destroyed the Asylum. When Amy, Rory and the Doctor escaped back to the Parliament, they found out that Oswin had erased the Doctor from the memories of all the Daleks in the Parliament as well as the Dalek inmates in the Asylum. (DW: Asylum of the Daleks 2012)

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