Friday, 15 November 2013

Eighth Doctor Who Paul McGann returns in Night of the Doctor

After only appearing in a single made for TV pilot in 1996, McGann was not seen again on the screen as the Doctor… until now.

Previous to ‘Night of the Doctor,’ the story of how the Eighth Doctor’s life ended and his regeneration was never told. With this minisode, that gap can finally be closed. Now we know how the Eighth Doctor sacrificed his life during the Time War and became the man needed at the time, a character now called ‘The War Doctor’ played by John Hurt (CGi’d to look young in a reflection).

Night of the Doctor sets the stage for the 50th anniversary adventure Day of the Doctor but it is a special gift to fans who have been following the program since its early days before Russell T Davies arrived and it also adds to the mythology of the new program. Not only do we have a story set during the Time War between the Daleks and Time Lords (something Moffat stated he was never interested in exploring), but we also can finally put to rest the conundrum of how the Eighth Doctor ‘died’ and answer some of the questions as to who the Doctor played by John Hurt is.


 The Night of the Doctor will be available at selected periods each day between 16 and 23 November. Access it via your Red Button at the following times:

Saturday 16 November: 7:30-9:55pm, 10:30-11:45pm
Sunday 17 November: 6:30-9:55pm
Monday 18 November: 7-10:30pm
Tuesday 19 November: 9:30pm onwards
Wednesday 20 November: until 7am, 7:30pm onwards
Thursday 21 November: until 7am, 5:30-8:10pm, 10pm onwards
Friday 22 November: until 7am, 7:30pm onwards
Saturday 23 November: until 2:30pm, 6-7:45pm

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