Tuesday 31 March 2009

Bernard Cribbins Returns & Trailer News

Filming on David Tennant's final Doctor Who story began yesterday with the return of the actor Bernard Cribbins. Cribbins, who plays Donna Noble's grandfather Wilf, was last seen in the Series 4 finale, Journey's End and first appeared in Doctor Who in the 1966 film, Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150AD. which was based the television serial The Dalek Invasion of Earth


Trailer News: To be aired on Wednesday on BBC1 during the ad-break at 9pm between Waterloo Road and The Apprentice.

Sunday 29 March 2009


Drathro, called the Immortal by humans, was an L3 maintenance robot created by the Three Sleepers to watch over them and their secrets while they rested in suspended animation. It was in charge of the underground Marb Station on Ravolox in 2,000,000,000 CE.

Drathro was created in the Andromeda Galaxy and placed as guardian over the Sleepers. He used the 500 humans of Marb Station, which he called "work units", to keep the Sleepers alive and he used two humans, Tandrell and Humker, as his personal assistants.

Both he and the Station was powered by a black light converter on the surface. He also made use of an L1 robot and a train guard named Merdeen, who helped humans to escape to the surface without Drathro knowing.

Saturday 28 March 2009


Vespiforms were a species of insectoids which resembled oversized (nearly three metres long) wasps. They were powerful creatures, with large stingers which could be regrown within hours of use. They had the ability to transform into the guise of other species, even to the extent of near-Humans. The transformations were accompanied by a glowing, purple-pink haze and left behind morphic residue. When in another form, Vespiforms were genetically compatible with the mimicked species - they were even able to breed with members of the species.

Vespiforms also had telepathic recorders, an essential part of their mind which could record motivations for them. One such recorder, the Firestone, ended up in the hands of Clemency Eddison in 1885.

Friday 27 March 2009

5 minutes with the 5th Doctor

TVNZ.co.nz Interviews the 5th Doctor in New Zealand for the Armageddon Expo in Christchurch and Wellington

The 5th Doctor

Make This Go on Forever

By analeian

Original: Snow Patrol - Make This Go On Forever


Foamasi were stocky humanoids with shiny green skin, three claws on each hand and eyes that can move independently. Foamasi spoke in a clicking language, similar to that of Dolphins, and were physically incapable of speaking Human languages. Foamasi also had the highest radiation resistance in the Mutter's Spiral and could survive in heavily irradiated areas.

All Foamasi were controlled by the government and there were no private organizations. This government didn't take kindly to any criminal activities by Foamasi and sent special agents to stop them.

Classic - Series 27

The TV Movie - The Enemy Within

Thursday 26 March 2009


Argolins are humanoids with yellowish green skin and intricate green and yellow hair. Although they begin life with a more Human-like skin tone, they develop their distinctive hair at an early age.

After the war with the Foamasi, the Argolin were rendered sterile and had their metabolism modified. On the top of their heads, they have small horns covered in nodules. Most of their lives, Argolins have stable metabolism. These nodules fall off as the Argolin ages, with the last nodule singling death. After this, the Argolin rapidly decays.

Classic - Series 26

Ghost Light
The Curse of Fenric

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Torajii Sun-Possessed

Torajii was the sentient star at the center of the Torajii System.

It was first encountered by Humans when a cargo ship, the S.S. Pentallian, hurriedly took some gas from the star as fuel for an illegal fusion scoop. Gas from the star travelled to the starship and possessed members of the crew, who then went on to sabotage the ship and kill many crew members with their glowing eyes (which meant that they needed to wear welding helmets).

Eventually the gas possessed the Doctor, who told the remainder of the crew the source of the problem and asked them to dump the illegal fuel into the star, which they did, so the star left them alone, allowing them to leave the system to itself.

Classic - Series 25

Remembrance of the Daleks
The Happiness Patrol
Silver Nemesis
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Tuesday 24 March 2009

The Tennant Tapes - 4

Tapes 1 to 3


The Tigellans are light-haired humanoids from Tigella, first shown in Meglos.

The Tigellans lived underneath the surface of the Tigella due to the dangerous plant life on the planet. Their society is split into two classes. The Savants were the logical scientists of the Tigellans who ran the planet and wanted to study the Dodecahedron. The Dions were the religious Tigellans who worshipped Ti the Dodecahedron which is believed to be a holy object.

Classic - Series 24

Time and the Rani
Paradise Towers
Delta and the Bannermen

Monday 23 March 2009

Pirating Incident 1987

Doctor Who pirating incident on November 22 1987. Video hackers interrupted the signal of a Chicago station at around 11 at night and unfurled their weird message. To this day he`s never been identified.


The Tharils were a humanoid leonine species from The Gateway encountered by the Doctor.

Gifted with time sensitivity, the Tharils used the Gateway between N-Space and E-Space as a portal for access to multiple dimensions by riding the time winds. They built an empire based on terror and slavery, descending on other planets and enslaving their populations. However, the Human slaves of the Tharils fought back and designed the Gundans, killer armoured robots which were able to stand up to the Tharils, pursuing them along the time winds, and butchered many of them on the day of the great feast.

As the Tharil empire and dominion crumbled, the Human species began to exploit their former masters in a continuing cycle of oppression. The Tharils now became the slaves, used as forced navigators of the time winds and traded as rare and valuable commodities. Ships such as the Privateer under Rorvik which became moored in the Gateway were built of the dense dwarf star alloy to prevent the Tharils escaping. When Rorvik’s privateer became stuck in the Gateway the Doctor and Romana befriended two Tharils, Biroc and Lazlo, and they explained the history of the Tharil race to them. The two Time Lords helped to free Tharils still trapped in the privateer. Romana stayed behind in the Gateway to help the Tharils build a new life based on freedom and equity.

Classic - Series 23

The Mysterious Planet
Terror of the Vervoids
The Ultimate Foe

Sunday 22 March 2009

War Lords

War Lords looked identical to Humans and could easily pass themselves off as Humans. The War Lords used special eyeglasses to induce mind control in the field. In their base, they had technology to re-condition and re-process the minds of Human soldiers and machines to tell visually whether or not the processing had taken.

When invading Germany, the War Lords used their technology to control SS soldiers, going so far as to control after their deaths. They set up a transmat booth to transport people from Berlin to the Castle of Drachensburg. The War Lords also set up several Atomic bombs underneath the castle in order to help the Nazi war effort. They also had a crystal ball that was used as a telepathic receiver to contact the Doctor and a powerful laser weapon inserted into a cane.

Classic - Series 22

Attack of the Cybermen
Vengeance on Varos
Mark of the Rani
The Two Doctors
Revelation of the Daleks

Saturday 21 March 2009

White Guardian

The White Guardian or The Spirit of Light in Time was an anthropomorphic personification who embodies and personifies both order and good in the same way that his opposite, the Black Guardian, represents evil and chaos.

The White Guardian set the Doctor and Romana on a quest to find the six segments of the Key to Time, transmuted into a variety of forms and scattered across time and space. He warned them of the Black Guardian who would try to prevent the assembly of the Key.

The White Guardian and the Black Guardian offered Enlightenment, symbolized by a crystal of unknown powers and great value, as a prize to the winner of a space race undertaken by Eternals. When Turlough threw the crystal at the Black Guardian, who vanished in a burst of flames, the White Guardian explained that the Black Guardian would exist as long as he did, until neither were needed any longer.

The White Guardian later sent the Doctor, Ace and Benny on a quest to find the six segments of the Key to Time, scattered across the Doctor's personal timeline when he last disassembled it.

Classic - Series 21

Warriors of the Deep
The Awakening
Resurrection of the Daleks
Planet of Fire
The Caves of Androzani

Thursday 19 March 2009


The Usurians didn't need to breathe and looked like a small handful of green kelp in their natural form, although they belonged to the fungus, not vegetable kingdom. They could assume the shape of a dwarfish humanoid as long as they constantly exposed themselves to particle radiation. They were listed in Professor Thripsted's Flora and Fauna of the Universe as poisonous fungi.

Though they were originally a war-like race, this was inefficient and so they turned to commerce, creating the Company. Apparently very knowledgeable, their databases contained information on Gallifrey (which they did not consider a viable market for their consumer products) and knew of the Doctor's previous acts of "economic subversion".

Classic - Series 19

Four to Doomsday
The Visitation
Black Orchid

Wednesday 18 March 2009


The Fendahl were a gestalt organism, from the original Fifth Planet of the Sol system. They were composed of two parts, a Fendahl Core and the Fendahleen. The Fendahl posed a threat to all life. Thirteen physically separate organisms make up the Fendahl. The skull of the Fendahl Core which transported itself to Earth resembled a Human skull in every respect, but for a pentagram shape in the forehead, visible only by an x-ray. Each Fendahl Core had twelve Fendahleen, large eyeless and limbless creatures with a fringe of pink tentacles around and two large fins above their mouths. Table salt, which affect the electrical conductivity and osmotic control of their cells, was fatal to them.

Classic - Series 18

The Leisure Hive
Full Circle
State of Decay
Warriors' Gate
The Keeper of Traken

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Great Intelligence

The Great Intelligence (or Yog-Sothoth) was a disembodied sentience who attempted to find a body and a physical existence. The Great Intelligence had no physical existence, which meant it was incapable of interacting with the rest of the universe. It could possess living creatures, such as Humans and also used control spheres to form a locus for the Intelligence. Also, it manifested as webbing in order to trap the Doctor's TARDIS.

 The Great Intelligence first appeared in The Abominable Snowmen (1967), set in 1935, using a mechanical Yeti against the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton). It had taken over the mind of a Tibetan Monk 300 years before and attempted to achieve physical form, but failed. In The Web of Fear (1968), it attacked London through the Underground with a newer form of Yeti and used a web-like substance that the army was unable to dissolve. It tried to drain the Doctor's knowledge, but the machine was disabled, though it still exists. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) episode "The Snowmen" (2012) expands more upon the Great Intelligence, as voiced by Ian McKellan. It reveals that the Intelligence originated as an alien lifeforce existing in snow that was built into a snowman by a young boy named Simeon during the 1800s. From there, the Great Intelligence had the full grown Dr. Simeon (Richard E Grant) create "The Great Intelligence Institute" and orchestrate a scheme to obtain the DNA of a governess who was mutated into an ice creature to have his psychically animated snowmen be unable to melt and take over the human race. However with the sacrifice of the current governess Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), the Doctor thwarts the Great Intelligence's plan and uses a "memory worm" on Dr. Simeon to completely erase his memory. Though expected to cease to be without his source, the Great Intelligence reveals that he existed long enough to become an independent entity and uses the brain dead Simeon's body for only a moment before quickly waning in response to the Latimer family crying for the dying Clara. In "The Bells of Saint John" (2013), set in the present day, the Great Intelligence, as represented by Simeon, used a child named Kizlet to aid him through many years in creating an organization based at The Shard to collect the minds of people via wifi for him to feed on. Once the Eleventh Doctor compromise their activities and forces everybody to be downloaded back to their bodies, having obtained what he needed, The Great Intelligence has the adult Miss Kizlet (Celia Imrie) wipe all memories of his existence in her and others in order to hinder UNIT's investigation.

Classic - Series 17

Destiny of the Daleks
City of Death
The Creature From the Pit
Nightmare of Eden
Horns of Nimon

Monday 16 March 2009

Police bring Tardis-style boxes back into use

They are perhaps more instantly recognised today as Dr Who's time-travelling Tardis. But police in Edinburgh are about to turn the clock back more than 40 years by bringing police boxes back into use. The Lothian and Borders force sees the iconic boxes – forever associated with the Dixon of Dock Green era of the 1950s and 60s as an ideal way to provide a more visible presence in the city centre. The boxes would be manned at busy times, allowing members of the public to report crimes and hand in lost property. more...


Professor Marius invented the first K-9 because weight requirements did not allow him to bring his real dog from Earth into space though K-9 may owe his existence to a temporal paradox. According to one account, the professor copied the remnants of one of the version of K-9 created by the Doctor and given to Sarah Jane Smith.

K-9 had a very consistent personality from model to model. He had a polite, formal manner with just a hint of pedantry bordering on condescension. Though he often displayed feelings such as sorrow and self-regard, he often stated that he had not been programmed to have emotions.

Classic - Series 16

The Ribos Operation
The Pirate Planet
The Stones of Blood
The Androids of Tara
The Power of Kroll
The Armageddon Factor

Sunday 15 March 2009

Parody - Trial Of A Time Lord

Great One

The Great One was a gigantic spider who reigned as the matriarch of the Eight Legs. She sought to rule the universe and needed only the crystal which the Doctor had stolen and taken to 20th century England.

The Eight Legs obeyed the Queen Spider who also obeyed the Great One. Being physically giant the Great One lived in a cavern made of blue Metebelis crystals. With her psychic power she could read the Doctor's mind and discovered how much fear she put into him. Obtaining the Doctor's crystal, which was the last perfect crystal she needed, she completed a web of the crystals which lay above her head and she was able to unlock her mind.

Infinite power and knowledge was being fed into her mind but since there was no way to vent it, radiation from the crystals built up within the web and the crystals burned her mind, destroying her.

Classic - Series 15

Horror of Fang Rock
The Invisible Enemy
Image of the Fendahl
The Sun Makers
The Invasion of Time

Saturday 14 March 2009

Tardis to get interior makeover

Doctor Who's Tardis is apparently being redesigned for the arrival of new Timelord Matt Smith.The Daily Mirror reports that new writer Stephen Moffat wants Matt's arrival to herald a new digital era of the popular BBC show.
"It will be the most hi-tech, intricate Tardis ever," said a source. The interior of the Tardis will have a completely new look and the police-box front will also be revamped.

The Tennant Tapes

Tape 1

Tape 2

Tape 3

David Tennant hosting Comic Relief 2009 (Random bits)

Kandy Man

The Kandy Man (or Kandyman) was a pathological, psychopathic robotic killer who was employed by the egocentric Helen A. The Kandy Man delighted in creating methods of torture and destruction using confectionery, such as drowning people in sugary solutions like its "fondant surprise". It was a sadistic monster with a very warped sense of humour, speaking with a squeaky metallic voice and producing deadly sweets. These sweets were supposed to be so good that humans were unable cope with the pleasure and died. The Kandy Man claimed most of its victims in this manner — "with smiles on their faces" — but this did not mean it was not perfectly happy to throttle them if they refused to co-operate.

Composed of things like sherbet, marzipan and caramel, Kandy Man was created by Gilbert M, with whom it shared an almost symbiotic relationship. The Doctor encountered the Kandy Man after escaping from the Happiness Patrol. He outsmarted the Kandy Man, causing it to smash a bottle of lemonade and stick itself to the floor — it had to keep moving or its constituent ingredients would coagulate. The Doctor escaped, but later returned to the Kandy Kitchen to confront the Kandy Man, forcing it to retreat into the pipes. The Kandy Man died shortly afterward when its external candy shell was dissolved in a pipe by strawberry fondant surprise released by the oppressed Pipe People.

Classic - Series 14

The Masque of Mandragora
The Hand of Fear
The Deadly Assassin
The Face of Evil
The Robots of Death
The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Thursday 12 March 2009

Classic - Series 12

The Ark in Space
The Sontaran Experiment
Genesis of the Daleks
Revenge of the Cybermen

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Sandminer Robot

The society in and around Kaldor City was apparently almost wholly dependent on humanoid robots as servants and for manual labour. The Sandminers which made a major contribution to Kaldor's economy were almost entirely crewed by robots of this type.

Although superficially similar (all, for example, designed to be aesthetically pleasing), the robots were constructed in a number of classes which varied in their intelligence, autonomy, and ability to communicate.

Standard Robot Classes

The majority of the robots were D-class Dums, so named because they were constructed without the ability to speak. On a Sandminer the Dums apparently mostly kept to the engineering decks away from the human crew, making them appear less common than was in fact the case. Dums wore black tunics. D84 was disguised as one of them.

More able were the V-class Voc robots, who had the power of speech. In the absence of humans, Vocs performed essential control deck duties on a Sandminer and were capable of running the vehicle without organic supervision. They wore green tunics.

Each Sandminer's complement of robots included one SV-class Super-Voc, which had enhanced decision-making and organisational skills. The Super-Voc was effectively the leader of the robots, though still of course subservient to any of the authorised human crew. The Super-Voc wore a silver tunic.

Only one UV-class Ultra-Voc was ever constructed, as an even more intelligent and autonomous version of the standard SV. It is not known what colour it was clothed in.

SASV-1 was another unique robot, an attempt to improve on a specialised SV class unit numbered D84. However, SASV-1 was based on plans drawn up by Taren Capel and proved mentally unstable.

Classic - Series 11

The Time Warrior
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Death to the Daleks
Monster of Peladon
Planet of the Spiders

Tuesday 10 March 2009


 The Three Doctors 1972 

Arc Of infinity 1983 

Originally a great cosmic engineer and co-founder of Time Lord society, circumstances bent the mind of Omega, so that he threatened the universe.

Omega was one of the most significant figures in Gallifreyan history. He appeared in the so-called ROO texts as later scholars on Gallifrey would call them, along with his fellows, Rassilon and the Other. According to a story later told by Omega himself, he originally had the name Peylix but adopted the name Omega in response to his teacher, Luvis who would award him the omega grade. By the time of his "death", Omega had married a Gallifreyan known as Patience

Classic - Series 10

The Three Doctors
Carnival of Monsters
Frontier in Space
Planet of the Daleks
The Green Death

Monday 9 March 2009


The Ogri were a species of silicon-based creatures native to Ogros. They looked like large rocks, usually taller than a human but irregular in shape. They were large, slow and heavy, sometimes weighing as much as 3.5 tons, but they could take a lot of damage, both energy-based and physical. When they were awake, they would glow and make a loud rumbling noise. Like other silicon-based lifeforms, they broke down into grit when killed and also left silicon behind when they moved. They fed on various types of proteins which were common on Ogros. When on Earth, the Ogri had to rely on the globulin in blood, which they could absorb by touch. Ogri were not shown to communicate and did not show any signs of intelligence. Ogri had long lifespans, living for thousands of years.

Classic - Series 9

The Day of the Daleks
The Curse of Peladon
The Sea Devils
The Mutants
The Time Monster

Sunday 8 March 2009

The Ultimate Doctor Who title mix



Mandrels are large, dangerous predators. They are humanoid creatures native to the planet Eden. Mandrels had large, almost clam-shaped heads with glowing green eyes and small tendrils around their mouth and green, leathery skin, but they also have black fur down their back and around their arms. They have three long fingers on each hand, which are tipped with sharp claws. They mainly hunt by sound and are attracted by ultrasonic noises.

Mandrels were dangerous predators, able to easily kill a human. Mandrels are absurdly tough, and are able to survive repeated laser-blasts. The only known method to kill a Mandrel is to electrocute them. Luckily, they aren't especially intelligent and can be easily fooled.

They have the unusual characteristic that they decompose into Vraxoin after being electrocuted.

Classic - Series 8

Terror of the Autons
The Mind of Evil
The Claws of Axos
Colony in Space
The Daemons

Saturday 7 March 2009


WOTAN was one of the first artificial intelligences created on Earth by Proffessor Brett. Its name stood for Will Operating Thought ANalogue.

Brett's assistant Professor Krimpton was also closely involved while security was the responsibility of Major Green. By the middle of 1966 WOTAN was complete and plans to link it to the world computer network were well advanced. However, WOTAN displayed several flaws common amongst early artificial intelligences, namely total amorality and rampant megalomania, and hypnotised its own creator as well as other key personnel.

Friday 6 March 2009

Trek Through Time II

I've been told that "Trek Through Time II" is deep in production,
Kelvington aren't letting any secrets out until the episode is complete
but they did send me this poster to wet your appetite.

Here's part 1 again.


Violet Hill

by analeian


The Tythonians were massive, blob-like organisms, sometimes hundreds of feet long. They were glowing green in colour and had an outer membrane that looked similar to the covering of a brain. They had no true limbs, but they had two large pseudopods. One pseudopod was shaped like the letter Y, while the other is simply a large tube. They also had no vocal cords and needed to communicate with the aid of Tythonian Communicators, but they could apparently sense their environment by unknown means. Tythonians could live for 40,000 years.

Tythonians subsisted on chlorophyll and mineral salts, which they could absorb through their skin. Their mineral rich diet allowed them to weave a special, extremely tough material from their tube-like pseudopods. This material was self-regenerating and could fill a variety of functions.

Thursday 5 March 2009


Kiv was the leader of the Mentors, a group that included Sil. Both Kiv and Sil became rich via profitable deals. He became involved in weapons dealing with the primitive peoples of the planet Crontep. He complained of pains in his head that was a result of his brain expanding. Surgery was performed and his brain was moved into that of a similar mentor. This was not perfect however and so again surgery was performed to move his brain to the body of Peri. He was killed by King Yrcanos.

Wednesday 4 March 2009


The Swampies were a race of green-skinned humanoids from the planet Delta Magna. They had a low level of technology, which meant they were easily evicted by the Humans. They generally used spears and lived in grass huts.

The Swampies were originally native to Delta Magna, but were moved to Delta Three, one of the planet's moons by Human colonists, who they referred to as "dry foots". (They did have Human allies in the form of the Sons of Earth, though evidently the Sons' form of support proved ineffective.) They predicted this with their sacred relic, actually the fifth segment of the Key to Time and accepted this movement. The colonists also transplanted several Giant Squid to the moon for the Swampies to hunt. One of these ate the sacred relic and mutated into the "god" Kroll. When the Humans discovered that methane could be gathered on the moon and set up a refinery to gather it, as well as protein which would go to Delta Magna. This angered the Swampies, who turned to a religious leader, Ranquin.

Monday 2 March 2009


The Futurekind were a race of near-Humans who lived on the planet Malcassairo. The only difference between the Futurekind and the Humans who took refuge on Malcassairo was the that the teeth of the Futurekind were sharp fangs for cutting into flesh, this meaning that for the guards at Silo 16 on the planet needed to check the teeth of all who tried to enter the base in case of an infiltration of Futurekind. They also had a hissing voice.

The Futurekind were a primitive race, who possessed little technology, wearing simple animal skins and hunting with primitive spears and makeshift weapons.

They also tattooed and cut themselves in various patterns, possibly as a way of identification or to inspire fear in their enemies.

The Futurekind appeared on Malcassairo around the end of the universe. Little was ever known about them, except that they learnt to hunt Humans for flesh, as there was little else on the planet for food.

There was, however, a myth amongst the refugee Humans that if Humanity did not reach the planet Utopia they themselves would evolve into Futurekind, making Futurekind merely mutated Humans. They permissibly died out when the Universe had ended, when Malcassairo had finally nova-ed later on that year.

Sunday 1 March 2009


The Movellans outwardly resembled physically attractive Humans of various ethnicities and both genders. All of the Movellan androids wore white, form-fitting uniforms and their hair in silver braids. Being androids, the Movellans were strong and tough. The major weakness of the Movellan design was each android's external power pack which, being, carried on their belts, was easily removed and completely shut down the android. The power pack circuitry could also be modified, reprogramming the android to obey human orders.

The standard Movellan sidearm was a small, hand-held weapon. The weapon had both "kill" and "stun" settings.