Thursday 19 November 2015

The Sandmen

The Sandmen were lifeforms created from the accumulation of sentient human sleep dust which evolved as a side effect of the Morpheus process aboard Le Verrier station in the thirty-eighth century.

The Sandmen consumed the original human hosts within the Morpheus sleep pods. Once created, the Sandmen apparently began to hunt down the rest of the Le Verrier crew and attacked the military rescue team sent from Triton to investigate why the station had ceased all communication, where the creatures themselves were recorded to be notionally blind.

With the assistance of their creator, the scientist Gagan Rassmussen, the Sandmen appeared to be intent on infecting more humans, with the dust acting like spores, by having a single sleep pod containing an individual longest exposed to the Morpheus process escape Le Verrier station and arrive on the colony on Triton. This was referred to as the King Sandman.

This plan was thwarted with the assistance of the Doctor, who ultimately destroyed Le Verrier station and prevented any of the dust from leaving the station. By de-activating the station’s grav shielding, the gravitational shift aboard the base whilst in orbit of Neptune disrupted the cohesion of the creatures long enough to slip past them to escape.

The Morpheus pods on Triton and other colonies were ordered dismantled. However, with the Morpheus process – an electronic signal that affects the sleep centres of the brain – embedded in the only visual record of events aboard the station and transmitted before Le Verrier’s destruction, Rassmussen has ensured that even without the pods or his continuing research, the potential for others to be consumed by evolving sleep dust and new Sandmen to appear is huge.

The Sandmen are a chilling reminder why humanity must not again be permitted to experiment with sleep or revisit the Morpheus technology.

Under no circumstances are any personnel authorised to view the visual archive on this incident.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Leandro (Leonians)

Claiming to be stranded on Earth after his tribe were overthrown, his world destroyed and his wife killed, Leandro asserts that he is the last of the Leonians. Having escaped through a portal created by an alien artefact in the form of an amulet unique to his homeworld – Leandro found himself trapped in the 17th Century.

Forging an alliance with Ashildr, Leandro promised to take the now cynical and bored ‘Lady Me’ out into the universe in exchange for her help finding the now missing amulet. The presence of the alien artefact in 1651 drew the attention of the Doctor and resulted in his reunion with Ashildr.
The Doctor and Ashildr carry out a daring heist on the Fanshawe house to retrieve the amulet… But when Leandro reveals himself, the Doctor discovers it's dark secret – a death is required to open a doorway to another world! Ashildr has become so disillusioned, that sacrificing a life in order to activate the amulet means nothing to her.

At Tyburn, at the event of Sam Swift’s execution, Ashildr uses the amulet to open a portal and the army of the Leonians is revealed to be alive and waiting to invade. Realising she has been betrayed, Ashildr agrees to help the Doctor and using her second immortality charge, they reverse Sam Swift’s death to close the portal.

Leandro is destroyed by his ‘brothers’ for his failure!

Sunday 18 October 2015

The Mire

The Mire were an advanced warrior race from the future. According to the Twelfth Doctor, they were considered to be one of the deadliest in the universe. History Edit They were fed by stamina, strength, adrenalin and testosterone, and came to a Viking village on Earth to harvest the strongest warriors.

Their leader took the appearance of the Norse god Odin to play on the Viking's beliefs. He invited their strongest warriors to dine with him in Valhalla, whereas in reality they sapped their strength and killed them in the spaceship. However, they spared Ashildr and Clara Oswald because of their possession of the sonic sunglasses. Foolishly, Ashildr declared war on the Mire, and their leader promised to bring down ten of his best warriors to fight. The Mire beamed Ashildr and Clara back to the village, and Ashildr told the village of their impending doom, for the Mire had already taken their warriors.

Later, "Odin" arrived with ten of the Mire. They were met with a party, and the Doctor had Einarr activate electric eels, which tore the Mire's helmets from their heads, revealing their true form. They retreated back to their ship when Ashildr, a Mire helmet atop her head, projected the image of a sea dragon over a harmless wooden puppet. "Odin" was humiliated and driven back to their spaceship, and they left Earth, promising to return. (TV: The Girl Who Died)

Wednesday 14 October 2015


Tivolians were one of the oldest species in the galaxy. Their home world was conquered multiple times. (TV: The God Complex) The Fisher King invaded Tivoli with his armies in the 20th century, ruling for ten "glorious" years before being overthrown by the Arcateenians. Dismayed at having been liberated, the native Tivolians proceeded to irritate the Arcateenians so much they chose to enslave them as well. Faking his death, the Fisher King's "body" was taken to Earth in 1980 by funeral director Albar Prentis to be buried in accordance with Arcateenian custom which required him to be sent to a "barren, savage outpost." Prentis was among those killed by the Fisher King and converted into a transmitter ghost as part of his a plan to summon an army to retrieve him, only to be foiled and killed by the Twelfth Doctor shortly after. (TV: Before the Flood)

One Tivolian, a town planner named Gibbis who was engaged in a project to line all his planet's highways with trees so invading armies could march in the shade, was plucked from his homeworld and deposited in a hellish "hotel" where people were made to face their greatest fear, with Gibbis' fear being the Weeping Angels. Gibbis ultimately survived the ordeal and, after his escape from the hotel, requested the Eleventh Doctor drop him off in the TARDIS at the nearest galaxy. (TV: The God Complex)

Prentis At first glance the Tivolians were a society of cowards. They never defended themselves and did everything they could to make their conquerors as comfortable as possible. The Eleventh Doctor considered this to be an aggressive form of cowardice. The Tivolians didn't fight; they survived by outliving their conquerors. (TV: The God Complex) Remembering his previous experience, the Twelfth Doctor shared the same negative view of the Tivolians, telling Prentis that he wasn't "a fan". Prentis understood the Doctor, stating that his people did "tend to antagonise". (TV: Before the Flood)

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Fisher King

The Fisher King was a warlord who conquered Tivoli in the 20th century. He ruled the planet for ten "glorious" years until the planet was liberated by the Arcateenians. He apparently died and his body was transported to Earth in 1980 by the Tivolian funeral director Albar Prentis. However, he was still alive and planned for his people to recover him by turning people into ghosts transmitting coordinates to Earth and then waiting inside a stasis chamber. Fisher King flood The Fisher King watches the flood envelop Caithness before his death.  He first shot and killed Prentis, who would become a ghost. His next victim was Alice O'Donnell, after he found her hiding in an abandoned building. He was tricked by the Twelfth Doctor into thinking the Doctor would try to circumvent a future where he appeared to die and become one of the ghosts. The Doctor instead blew up a dam nearby and instead created a hologram replica of himself as a ghost in the future. The Fisher King was caught in the flood and killed. (TV: Before the Flood)

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Colony Sarff

Colony Sarff was a servant loyal to Davros comprised of one large and many small snake-like creatures. By working in unison, the snakes were able to mimic a single humanoid individual. However, each snake could act independently and the colony made decisions as a democracy.

Sarff searched for the Twelfth Doctor, travelling to the Maldovarium, the Shadow Proclamation, and Karn. They encountered the Sisterhood of Karn, who could stop them from using their powers against them. Whilst unknowingly in the presence of the Doctor, they told Ohila, the Sisterhood's High Priestess, that Davros was searching for him. Colony Sarff Snake Sarff's true form Sarff returned to Davros, who told them that in order to find the Time Lord they must first find his friends.

They then followed Clara Oswald and Missy to Essex in 1138, where one of the snakes attacked Bors. They transferred the Doctor, Clara, and Missy (with their hands bound by more snakes) to their spaceship where they travelled to Skaro. They then accompanied the Doctor to see Davros, who asked them to leave. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

 Sarff recaptured the Doctor after he escaped in Davros' chair, as their snakes were hidden inside it. Davros then had Sarff disguise themselves as cables in his life support system, as part of a plot to steal the Doctor's regeneration energy. Sarff grabbed the Doctor when he touched the cables and began draining his energy, but soon they were shot by Missy with a Dalek gunstick. Sarff perished after the machine was destroyed. (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

Monday 28 September 2015

Hand Mines

Handmines were mutants used on the planet Skaro during the Thousand Year War. They appeared in groups, and would take hold of and pull individuals underground. They resembled decomposing hands with an eye in the centre of the palm.

They traveled by tunneling under the earth and possessed incredible strength; a single handmine was able to pull an adult Kaled beneath the earth with considerable force.

They were drawn to sound and movement. If a person was still but making noise, they would rise up from the ground to search for the target. Once they had found someone, they would turn to face them. As a child, Davros found himself surrounded by handmines. A soldier named Kanzo tried to help him, reminding him to stand still before being pulled underground. The Twelfth Doctor found him, but abandoned him when he discovered who Davros was. The Doctor later returned and used a Dalek gunstick to destroy the Handmines surrounding Davros, rescuing him and bringing the boy home so he could teach Davros the concept of mercy. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Series 9

-  Last Christmas

1. The Magician's Apprentice

2. The Witch's Familiar

3. Under The Lake

4. Before The Flood

5. The Girl Who Died

6. The Woman Who Lived

7. The Zygon Invasion

8. The Zygon Inversion

9. Sleep No More

10. Face The Raven

11. Heaven Sent

12. Hell Bent

- The Husbands Of River Song

Saturday 6 June 2015

Doctor Who TARDIS Square Lidded Pitcher

This Doctor Who TARDIS Square Lidded Pitcher is going to look amazing on your Doctor Who themed table. Your guests will love to have their drinks served from the TARDIS.

It is made of durable plastic and features a secure lid to prevent spills. Serve your drinks from a time machine and they will taste amazing. Use it at your next Gallifreyan gathering.

This pitcher measures about 18-inches tall x 5 1/3-inches wide. Only $34.99 from Entertainment Earth. Pre-order it now for October.

Friday 22 May 2015

Blog Update

Spent some time in hospital, came home with this little guy. Jamie Geno, 9lb 1oz, born 3:12, 10th May :)

Posts will be few and far between for now. Too busy booping his nose and listening to his little mewing noises :) Lord fartypants also has a wishlist, but your well wishes are more than enough :)

Thank you so so much to:

Cat Edgar
Peter Campbell
RJ Godin
Julie Ohri
Julianne Ferguson
Mark Danson

Your kind gestures have brought a tear to my eye and a smile to Jamie