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The Teselecta, first shown in "Let's Kill Hitler", is a robot-like machine with the ability to change its appearance. It is commanded by humans, however smaller robots patrol its interior and incinerate intruders. The Teselecta are sent through time by an organization called "The Justice Department" with the intent to remove people from their established time stream to enforce punishment on them, though it does this only shortly before their end. This is regarded as a responsibility that comes with the capability of time travel. The Teselecta is not bigger on the inside, instead its crew is actually shrunk by means of a miniaturization ray and a compression field. They have access to numerous files on important people. In "Let's Kill Hitler", Amy and Rory are trapped within a Teselecta and chased by its robotic "immune system". Wrist-bands worn by the crew stop the robots attacking them, and anybody not wearing this band is incinerated. Later in the episode the crew of the Teselecta are evacuated by what appears to be a trans-mat-beam. via

Doctor Who Let's Kill Hitler - Step Inside The Robot!

He's a superstar, dates a supermodel...

'Don't tell me the dads at home watch Dr Who and see his assistant being beautiful and sexy and don't clap their hands': Matt Smith on stunning companions

'People really do love the Doctor,’ says Matt Smith.
‘They like seeing this mad dude turn up and save the day, using pencils, a lampshade or whatever it may be. This baffled man, quite bafflingly, saving the world.’ He uses that word a lot – but it was the fans who were baffled two years ago, when, as a young, virtually unknown actor, he was hired to take over from the hugely popular David Tennant as the star of Doctor Who. It’s the biggest show on TV – but more than that, the Doctor has become a modern British folk hero. ‘He’s like Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes, an enduring character in a fairy tale you can just keep reinventing,’ says Smith, the 11th man to play the Time Lord – and the youngest, at just 26 when he was cast.

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BBC America 'Best Of' Specials"

BBC America is to air three Doctor Who specials in the run up to the return of Doctor Who to the channel on Saturday August 27...more

Thursday 25 August 2011

TV stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan swap Doctor Who for Shakespeare

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are planning to team up again ... in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Inverness-born Karen wants to land the role of the doomed king's infamous wife. And Matt jumped at the chance of joining her on stage. Karen, 23, said: "I want to be Lady Macbeth, it's a role I have always wanted to play." Matt, 28, added: "And I want to be Macbeth, so let's do that. I'd quite like to do a play." ...more

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Amy Pond and Rory Rumored To Leave Doctor Who At The End Of The Season

Doctor Who casting rumors are a long-standing tradition, which is understandable for a series that regularly recasts its lead. However, sometimes The Doctor’s traveling companions become nearly as popular as the man with the TARDIS keys himself. Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler defined the recent Who resurrection nearly as much as David Tennant did, and in the last few seasons new Doctor Matt Smith has found a pair of popular sidekicks in the form of Amelia Pond and tag-along husband, Rory. With Doctor Who set to return for the second half of its sixth season at the end of the month, more rumors about the future of the show have been swirling, and today’s latest word concerns Amy and Rory...more (spoilers)

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Hamish heads back to the TARDIS

RUTHERGLEN actor Hamish Wilson has made an unofficial return to the world of Doctor Who - 43 years after his first appearance on the programme. Hamish, a former pupil of West Coats Primary School, appeared in two episodes of the international hit BBC series in 1968, when he stood in for actor Frazer Hines, who had chickenpox. Since then, he’s recorded interviews for the DVD release of the story, The Mind Robber, and taken part in the commentary on the story, as well as appearing at numerous fan conventions. But now Hamish - an accomplished radio drama producer - has recorded a part in a not-for-profit fan-made Doctor Who video, produced by a group of fans in Scotland...more

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Doctor Who Trump Card Game 1978

A set of 40 cards from 1978. More scans will be posted over the next few days.

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