Wednesday 24 December 2014

Kevin Tran's Shelter Dog Plea

Some shelters won't let you adopt a dog around Christmas time due to them turning into unwanted gifts, but please consider rehoming an abandoned dog rather than buying from a breeder.

Friday 5 December 2014

Peter Davison confirmed as host of UK Symphonic Spectacular Tour

Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison has been confirmed as the host of a six-city UK tour of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in May 2015.
In addition, given the very strong demand for tickets, a second matinee performance has been confirmed for the SSE Arena, Wembley, on Sunday 24 May.
The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, which celebrates the world’s longest running science fiction TV series, showcases the evocative and thrilling music written by Murray Gold for the series since 2005 and features over 100 performers including the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and members of the BBC National Chorus of Wales, conducted by Ben Foster. The first ever UK tour will be staged in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow in May 2015.
Peter Davison, who portrayed the Fifth Doctor on the BBC One series between 1981 and 1984, acted as presenter for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of 2014 and will reprise this role in 2015.

Saturday 29 November 2014

Series 8

 1. Deep Breath

2. Into The Dalek

3. Robot Of Sherwood

4. Listen

5. Time Heist

6. The Caretaker

7. Kill The moon

8. Mummy On The Orient Express

9. Flatline

10. In The Forest Of The Night

11. Dark Water

12. Death In Heaven

Sunday 23 November 2014

Christmas Special: Santa is Real, Not Evil

To allay any parental concerns Steven Moffat has said that the Santa Claus presented in the upcoming Christmas special will be ‘real’ and is definitely not evil.

Speaking at the Series 8 DVD launch, he said: “Santa could never be evil, for heaven’s sake! Santa is both real and a Christmas hero.”

“No no, don’t worry any parents who were worried about that. Santa is presented, as he is in real life, as a great Christmas hero.”

On Nick Frost’s casting in the role: “He actually is the real Santa. He’s been faking it up until now. For the first time he’s allowing the natural colour of his beard to show through.”

He added: “You could figure it out, you know, Nick Frost, Nicholas Frost – you see?”

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Peter Capaldi Gives Paddington Bear A Makeover

 Doctor Who lead Peter Capaldi recently joined forces with British charity the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) to bring us Paddington Who? The statue is located at the Greenwich Meridian, Royal Observatory Greenwich in South East London.

Paddington’s distinctive duffel coat has morphed in to a version of the Tardis while the back features a rather jolly looking disco-dalek.  Capaldi’s creation is one of just 50 versions of Paddington Bear designed by a stellar cast of celebrities including Sandra Bullock and Benedict Cumberbatch.  They have popped up around London in recent days to raise awareness for the ChildLine arm of the charity which enables young people to get help and advice about a wide range of issues.  All 50 bears will be auctioned off later in the year with the proceeds going to ChildLine.

Sunday 19 October 2014


Boneless was the name the Twelfth Doctor gave the two-dimensional beings from another plane.  They were able to reduce both lifeforms and other three-dimensional objects to two-dimensions. They were also able to change objects from two-dimensions into three-dimensions after taking a three-dimensional form when the 2Dis reversed its original effects.

Sunday 12 October 2014

The Foretold

The Foretold was injured in a war and fitted with "state of the art camouflage" and a "personal teleporter". The technology within it kept it alive, leading it to kill for thousands of years after the war, draining the energy from its victims to sustain itself.
The Foretold killed its victims sixty six seconds after first appearing to them. It took them out of phase in order to drain them, meaning only they could see it. The Foretold selected its victims based on physical and mental illness, preying on the weakest first. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Celebrity Appearances - Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner from next week’s Doctor Who, ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’. The Doctor and Clara are on the most beautiful train in history speeding among the stars of the future. But a deadly creature is stalking the passengers. Once you see the horrifying Mummy you only have 66 seconds to live. No exceptions, no reprieve. As the Doctor races against the clock Clara sees him at his deadliest and most ruthless. Will he work out how to defeat the Mummy? Start the clock!

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Nick Frost to guest star in 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special

Shaun of the Dead star Nick Frost, Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay, Nathan McMullen and Michael Troughton will join Peter Capaldi and his companion Jenna Coleman in the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Production on the episode has begun, with a host of British acting talent set to appear. The Christmas special, a cracker of a highlight in the festive season’s schedule, promises to be an action-packed, unmissable adventure.

Nick Frost, actor and screenwriter, has starred in numerous hit film and television roles, including Spaced, The World’s End, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Cuban Fury and Paul, which he also wrote.
Nick comments: “I'm so thrilled to have been asked to guest in the Doctor Who Christmas Special,

I'm such a fan of the show. The read-through was very difficult for me; I wanted to keep stuffing my fingers into my ears and scream 'No spoilers!' Every day on set I’ve had to silence my internal fan-boy squeals!"