Tuesday 23 June 2009

Doctor Who special to reunite all 11 Time Lords

A one-off episode of Doctor Who will unite all 11 incarnations of the Time Lord for the first time ever. Current Doctor David Tennant will be joined by his predecessors - including Christopher Eccleston, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy - in the 15-minute show as they help him carry out a mission. The episode, which will also feature new Doctor Matt Smith's debut appearance, will be shown in November as part of BBC1's Children in Need appeal...more

5th Doctor and Companions

Celebrity Appearances - Derek Acorah

Blink and you'll miss him. Army of Ghosts, 2006.

Monday 22 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Peter Kay

On 17 June 2006, Kay appeared in a Doctor Who episode titled "Love & Monsters". His character, the sinister Victor Kennedy, proved to be an alien called the Abzorbaloff in disguise.

Saturday 20 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg (born 14th February 1970) voiced Don Chaney in Invaders from Mars and played the Editor in The Long Game. He also narrated the first series of Doctor Who Confidential.

Friday 19 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson provided the voice for Anne Droid, a robot who hosted a deadly version of the game show The Weakest Link in 200,100, in "Bad Wolf" & "The Parting of the Ways" (2005).

Thursday 18 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Davina McCall

Davina McCall (born 16th October 1967) provided the voice of the Davinadroid in Bad Wolf. She is most famous for hosting Big Brother.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson (born 7th July 1936) played Dr. Constantine in The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances in 2005.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Bruno Langley

Bruno Langley played companion Adam Mitchell in the stories Dalek and The Long Game, in 2005.

Monday 15 June 2009

Reservoir Docs

Celebrity Appearances - Adele Silva

Adele Silva (born 19th November 1980 in Croydon, London) played Squeak in the 1989 Doctor Who story "Survival." It was her first acting role. She continues to work as an actress and glamour model.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Jean Marsh

Jean Marsh, (born 1st July 1934 in Stoke Newington, London), played companion Sara Kingdom in "The Daleks' Master Plan." Prior to that story, she appeared as Joanna, Richard the Lionheart's sister, in "The Crusade," and later played Morgaine in "Battlefield." Outside her appearances on Doctor Who, she is best known for creating the television series Upstairs, Downstairs (with Dame Eileen Atkins) and for portraying maid Rose Buck in the same series. She and Atkins also co-created the 1991 television series The House of Eliott.

Friday 12 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Gareth Hale and Norman Pace

The duo appeared as Len & Harvey in the 1989 Doctor Who story 'Survival'. This gave them the distinction of appearing in what turned out to be the last ever story in Doctor Who's original 1963-89 run.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Richard Briers

Richard Briers (born 14th January 1934) played the Chief Caretaker in Paradise Towers and Henry Parker in A Day in the Death. He is best known for playing Tom Good in the BBC television series "The Good Life"

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Homer meets the Ood

Celebrity Appearances - Clive Swift

Clive Swift (born 9th February 1936) played Jobel in Revelation of the Daleks (1985). He is best known for his role as Richard, long-suffering husband of Hyacinthe Bucket, in the popular BBC comedy "Keeping Up Appearances."

Psst...He was also Mr. Copper in the Christmas special Voyage of the damned with Kylie Minogue. Thanks for the info Keith.

Monday 8 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Joan Sims

Joan Sims (9th May 1930-28th June 2001) played Katryca in The Mysterious Planet (1986).

Sunday 7 June 2009


Celebrity Appearances - Alexei Sayle

Comedian Alexei Sayle (also pictured below, on the left)(born 7th August 1952) played the DJ in "Revelation of the Daleks." (1985)

Saturday 6 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan (small one from The Young Ones),(born 1942) played Lord Kiv in Mindwarp and General Staal in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

Thursday 4 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes (born 2nd February 1944) played Mr. Popplewick in The trial of a Timelord (1986).

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Celebrity Appearances - Faith Brown

Faith Brown is an English actress, singer, comedienne and impressionist, noted for her large udders. In 1985 she starred as Flast in the Doctor Who serial Attack of the Cybermen.