Friday 21 December 2018

The Thijarians

The Thijarians were known to be the deadliest assassins in the universe.
Fact title Fact data
Monstrous Trait:
Demonic appearance
Communicate telepathically
Transmat tech to teleport
First Appearance:
Demons of the Punjab

The Thijarians who met the Doctor were survivors of the destruction of their civilisation. They were not there at the end, to grieve of honour them. The Thijiarians did not come to Earth to kill. They watch over the victims of the fighting, and bore witness to those who died alone. 

Mutant Spiders

 Toxic waste caused spiders in Sheffield to grow to a gigantic size.
There are around 45,000 species of Spiders on Earth.
Spiders taste and smell through their feet. They give out pheromones and really like grime music.
They aren’t responsible for what has happened to them. The spiders were just doing what came naturally.
The Doctor taught her friends to respect the living creatures and preserve life wherever possible.


The Pting is an alien known for devouring all non-organic materials.
Fact title Fact data
Monstrous trait:
Fatally violent
Devours all non-organic material
Vicious claws and toxic skin
First Appearance:
The Tsuranga Conundrum 
The Pting is a small but mighty alien with sharp teeth, toxic skin, and can move faster than Usain Bolt. The creature is impossible to keep captive and can survive in the vacuum of space. The Doctor and friends got separated from the TARDIS and the Pting was eating the spaceship they were on – The Tsuranga. The Pting wasn’t malicious, but its natural behaviour would have caused the death of everyone on board the Tsuranga.