Monday 11 August 2014

Couple Renew Vows With Dalek Best Man

It’s always sweet when couples renew their wedding vows, but you know what’s even more adorable? When they do it in the presence of a Dalek. Paul and Joanne Seymour renewed their vows in Gravesend, Kent. And they did so with a Doctor Who theme. I guess that means that their love is timeless.
It was the same church where they had their wedding in 1984, but this time a Dalek replaced the best man and carried the ring. At the end, the Reverend told the bride and groom, “You may kiss. Or else be exterminated”.
The groom wore a 4th Doctor scarf and an 11th Doctor fez. First they pretended that Paul’s brother had lost the ring. Then after running out of the doors in a panic, the entrance was filled with smoke. That’s when a Dalek entered carrying the ring. A fun time was had by all. It warms my heart to se geeks in their 50′s still acting like kids.