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Ravagers (Swarm And Azure)


The Ravagers were a species that heralded from the Dark Times and worshipped the Eternal embodiment of Time. When the Division created the planet Time and the Temple of Atropos, they were able to control the flow of time through the Mouri, which led to the imprisonment of Time's embodiment as well. The Ravager siblings, Swarm and Azure, saw this as heresy, and sought to destroy Universe One as revenge against the Division,  who had imprisoned them for their part in the Siege of Atropos and the attempted freeing of Time.  

The Ravagers were one among several species that the Doctor warned of in a distress call. 

Humanoid and crystalline in appearance, the Ravagers possessed a wide variety of skin tones and patterns. Whilst Azure was a gaunt shade of white, with speckles and ripples of blue, yellow and green running over the crown of her head, this was in stark contrast to her brother, Swarm. Unlike his sister, his skin tone was a dull grey in his original body, and a dark purple, with flecks of gold, in his new body. Crystal formations could manifest very differently as well. Azure's formations were internal, running across the linings of her face and within a crack running down the crown of her head, whereas Swarm's formations protruded outwardly, at first covering the entirety of his skull, but then later only around his eyes and the left side of his forehead upon changing his form. 

 Indeed, Ravagers could harvest the life force of others to initiate a regeneration into a new incarnation. During this state, their skull became encased in a layer of spikes and their skin took on a faint orange glow. This was achieved by Swarm during his escape from his containment chamber, who gained the energy required from his murder of En Sentac. 

As explained by Tecteun, the Ravagers were a form "temporal poison". They had the ability to to disintegrate all spatial objects through touch.Ravagers could also manipulate the Time Force and spatial energy,  teleport anywhere in spacetime within their universe,  and use telepathy, both casually and to form a psychic link with an individual.  These three abilities could even be combined in the building of a psycho-temporal bridge, which allowed the user and their companions to be transported to a target with whom the user shared a psychic link, even if thetardis.fandom target is outside of the user's own universe. 


Tuesday 2 November 2021

Creatures Of The Antizone


The Antizone was a bleak, scary place, full of strange, deadly creatures. 

 Home Planet: Unknown 

Fact: Darkness dwellers 

First Appearance: It Takes You Away 

It landed here way back in the 9th century. After a long, deadly battle, The Dalek was defeated. It’s casing was destroyed; the creature inside was cut into three pieces so it could never reform. Two were successfully transported away and guarded by the order of the custodians. But one piece was left behind. It stayed in Sheffield, where it was found 12 centuries later and was accidentally woken up. You would think a squiddy thing like that couldn’t get far. But turns out it could hitch a ride on humans. It built it’s own casing from spare parts and bits of it’s original outer shell. 




Morax were an ancient species, captured and imprisoned on earth for war crimes. 

Planet: Earth 

Fact: Look like tendrils of mud 

Features: Can possess humans 

First Appearance: The Witchfinders 

In seventeenth century Lancashire, there were literal witch-hunts going on in the village of Bilehurst Cragg. One of the reasons for that was because the Morax were incarcerated inside nearby Pendle hill. Bilehurst means ‘sacred tree on a hill’. The tree in question was the lock that kept the Morax secure. When the tree was cut down the Morax started to ooze out and take over bodies – living or dead. 




The Kerblam men were delivery robots in the future Home Planet: Kandoka 

Fact: Can teleport anywhere 

Features: Camera eyes 

First Appearance: Kerblam! 

 The Postmen worked for a company called Kerblam – the biggest retailer in the galaxy. It picked, packed and delivered anything you could want. The warehouse robots were called teammates, who were supposed to support the organic members of the team…but people were going missing. The 

Postmen were getting ready to deliver death throughout the galaxy. But the Doctor had a solution and it was soon signed sealed and delivered. 


Lupari (Karvanista)


The Lupari, singular Lupar, were a humanoid race that resembled Earth dogs. They were warriors with a great sense of honour. They were species-bonded with humanity, meaning each human had a Lupar tasked to protect them. On Halloween 2021, seven billion Lupari ships approached Earth to protect it from the Flux 

The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz tried to track down Karvanista for information on the Division, though the Doctor would not tell Yaz the true reason. After much annoyance, Karvanista trapped the two hanging by a gravity bar over an ocean of acid, though they managed to escape. 

As every Lupar was tasked to save a human from the Flux on Halloween, Karvanista left with his fleet to rescue his designated human, Dan Lewis. A wave of temporal energy caused his ship to arrive a few hours before the rest of the fleet. Karvanista broke into Dan's house and kidnapped him without any explanation. He placed him in an electrified holding cell on his ship and departed into space. 

 After Karvanista left in his ship with Dan, the Doctor and Yaz traced his ship to Dan's house. They escaped his booby traps, but the Doctor was still able to gather enough information using her sonic screwdriver to trace Karvanista's ship in space, as well as uncover seven billion other Lupari ships heading towards Earth. 

Thinking this was an invasion, the Doctor materialised the TARDIS on Karvanista's ship to confront him. She deactivated the ship's power while Yaz freed Dan. The Doctor told him she was there to ask about the Division, but first she needed to know why the Lupari were invading Earth. After noticing a signal that still reached his ship, Karvanista frustratedly explained the Lupari were bonded to humans and they were arriving to rescue them from the Flux. Before the Doctor could inquire further, the ship's power restored as well as Karvanista's weapon, so he chased them. The Doctor, Yaz and Dan escaped into the TARDIS. After experiencing a vision of Swarm, the Doctor observed the Flux approaching from her TARDIS and told Karvanista to instruct the fleet to create a barrier around the Earth, protecting it. (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse) 

Karvanista was gruff and found humans, especially Dan, to be annoying. He found it insulting to his species to be compared to a dog.


Companions: Dan Lewis (John Bishop)


Daniel "Dan" Lewis is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was created by series producer Chris Chibnall and is portrayed by John Bishop. He first appeared in "Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse", the opening episode of the show's thirteenth series.

 In Liverpool on Halloween 2021, Dan was abducted by Karvanista, a part of an alien invasion force intending to relocate humanity to protect them from the mysterious, galaxy-destroying phenomenon known as the Flux. Dan was rescued by Yasmin Khan and the Doctor, but even the TARDIS was unable to escape the Flux, which apparently killed them all.


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