Saturday, 16 January 2010

Who Cares - Doctor in Distress (1985)

Doctor in Distress is a pop music single related to the BBC television programme Doctor Who.

In 1985, when the production of the series was suspended for a year and it looked as if it faced cancellation, a charity single was produced and released in March. It was written by the series' unofficial continuity advisor Ian Levine and freelancer Fiachra Trench and performed by a group of 30 mid-level celebrities under the banner "Who Cares". Participants from Doctor Who included Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor), Nicola Bryant (companion Peri Brown), Nicholas Courtney (recurring character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) and Anthony Ainley (the Master); musicians who participated included members of the bands Bucks Fizz, The Moody Blues and Ultravox. The music was played by Hans Zimmer on a Fairlight II synthesizer; Zimmer was later to have success as a film composer.

Proceeds from the single went to the charity Cancer Research.

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