Thursday, 27 October 2011

Doctor Who: 15 Unanswered Questions

Will Salmon of SFX looks at some of the questions still left hanging after two seasons of Moffat-vision

So, why go to the trouble of putting River in the lake?

Speaking of the incident at Lake Silencio, did it really take the Doctor 200 years to come up with that escape plan?

What was going on with those photos of a happy Amy and baby Melody?

How does drawing tally marks on your face help? Surely that’s an awkward place to mark yourself? You’d need to carry a mirror around with you at all times.

What’s going on with Madame Kovarian?

What was that Season 6B teaser all about?

How are Dorium and those skulls still alive?

Are the Doctor and River married now?

Whatever happened to the Evil League of Evil?

Speaking of monsters, what’s up with the Cybermen?

What’s going on with the other timeship from “The Lodger”?

So who blew up the TARDIS in “The Big Bang”?

Now we come to mention it, what exactly is The Silence?

What is the question?

And finally, and most crucially… why was there a duck pond with no ducks in “The Eleventh Hour”?


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