Saturday, 19 June 2010

Doctor Who fans' 'flash' frenzy @ 15mins 10secs

Doctor Who fans sent message boards into overdrive as they were convinced they had seen more of actor Matt Smith than they were supposed to.
In new episode The Lodger, which aired on BBC One on Saturday evening and guest starred Gavin And Stacey's James Corden, the Timelord dropped his towel as he left the bathroom, and fans claimed that by freeze framing the show at 15 minutes and ten seconds they caught a glimpse of Matt's manhood.


  1. Quit your bitching. it should be a joyous moment!

  2. *Wonders how many people wish we still had the tenth doctor*

  3. I would say BBC took care of this. I'm sure if you zoom right in it's censored by a little TARDIS or Dalek.

  4. Haha! Wow some people are just too weird... IF they're complaining about this then why'd they look?! And if not... perves :P

    True, though. They couldn't have done it with DT because half the female population would faint dead away, or become dangerously dehydrated due to drooling copiously!


  5. Sassy, didn't think of that! "Can you see anything? That's disgusting, rewind it!!!"