Monday 17 November 2008

Azal and The Daemons

Azal was the Dæmon from the planet Dæmos that terrorised Devil's End in the Third Doctor story The Dæmons. Summoned by the Master, Azal had a gargoyle, by the name of Bok, as a servant. Azal landed on Earth over a million years ago and did help in the development of mankind. Azal was awakened after an archaeological professor, Professor Horner, who was digging out the cave at Devil's Hump that was a part of Azal's ship. Azal created a heat barrier around Devil's End. Azal had contact with the Master though the ceremony with the Master's coven. The Master wanted Azal's power, but he wanted to give it to the Doctor, but the Doctor refused. Then Azal decided to give the Master his power and destroy the Doctor. Jo Grant told Azal to kill her instead. Azal, not understanding her willingness to give her own life for someone else's caused Azal's power to turn against him and destroyed himself and his ship at the dig at Devil's Hump was destroyed. Things at Devil's End returned to normal, the heat barrier gone and Bok is a normal statue again.

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