Sunday 8 February 2009


The Monarch was the ruler of the Urbankan race. He was obsessed with discovering the secret of faster-then-light travel. He believed that by doing so he would go back in time to the creation of the Universe and meet God, whom he believed would be himself.

Monarch first left Urbanka circa 55,500 BC and arrived at Earth circa 35,500 BC, where he abducted Kurkutji and other Australian aborigines. Returning to Urbanka circa 25,500 BC, he returned to Earth circa 15,500 BC, where he abducted Villagra and other Mayans. Returning to Urbanka circa 10,500 BC, he returned to Earth circa 5500 BC, where he abducted Lin Futu and other Chinese people. Returning to Urbanka circa 3000 BC, he returned to Earth circa 500 BC, where he abducted Bigon and other Greeks. After returning to Urbanka for the last time in 731, he began his final journey to Earth, which he planned to colonize with his people, but was defeated by the Doctor four days before arriving there in 1981.

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