Friday 13 February 2009


The Wirrn (or Wirrrn) were a race of Human-sized insects native to the Andromeda Galaxy. The Wirrn were roughly Human-sized, though with an anatomy more like an Earth-based insect. Their head was made of two large golden eyes, long, floppy antennae and a three small mandibles. Underneath the head were larger mandibles which they use to talk. They communicate by squeaking, though Noah was able to speak Human languages. The head in attached to a long thorax which has six long arms attached to it. Though thin, these arms are as strong as a human and can be used for similar tasks. Underneath the thorax is a long abdomen. Wirrn lived in space for most of their life and thus they could reuse their waste products with special enzymes, allowing them to survive without fresh air for years. They would only occasionally land on planets to gather air or food or to breed. They were very tough, being able to survive repeated energy blasts. The Wirrn's most important weakness was their vulnerability to electricity.

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