Saturday 10 January 2009

Sea Devils

The Sea Devils were a race of amphibious Earth Reptiles. The Sea Devils, like their land-based cousins the Silurians, were scientifically advanced, and lived during prehistoric times in an aquatic civilization.

Sea Devils looked somewhat like humanoid turtles or plesiosaurus. They had beak-like mouths, large eyes, two fins on their head and a long neck. They had three webbed digits on their hands and feet. Their skin-tone came in a variety of shade, including green, blue and orange. They were much tougher then humans, since they need to survive the crushing depths of the ocean. Sea Devils communicated in a language like sonar, but they could speak human languages in a whispering, rasping voice.

The Silurians were related to the Sea Devils, though they were genetically divergent enough to create problems for the offspring of such matings.

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